Rip Curl Mirage

Charter boat sinks at the Mentawai’s most famous wave.

Anyone who has sampled the hollow delights of Lance’s Right on a good day will agree that it is one...

Sharp Eye’s Inferno 72: The Magpies are Coming This Summer

Surfing has always seen trends come and go. Some of us can still remember when Oakley blades were a thing...

Reflections on Reno Abellira

It seems being a once celebrated pro surfer does not guarantee you a safe and prosperous journey through life.  The...

Light Box: Surfing The Pass in The Rain

Surfing The Pass at Byron typically requires a particular mindset. With its enchanting surrounds and roping lines, the fabled sand-bottom...

Review: ‘Re-Pulse’ by Justin Gane

Rewind to the mid-90s and Australia’s status as the world’s preeminent surf nation has been rattled by Kelly Slater and...


A bi-monthly eclectic tome of tangible
surfing goodness that celebrates all
things surfing, delivered to your door!

What's in store for the fabled wave?

Will you join the queue and follow the trend on the board everyone wants to try?

As Reno Abellira fights for his life in hospital, we look back at his halcyon days.

When the fair-weather crowd don't want any part of it.

Dig the punk riffs and the rail surfing as Oz icons from the 90s jam with frontline surfers of today.

The online surf event that connects kids and cultivates talent at all levels. 

The new branch of economics every surf town needs.

11 tips to ensure your bureaucracy and your karma are aligned for a return to Bali.

Early trips to Hawaii, surfing against Michael Peterson and a magic Pipeline board…

When can we stop fantasising and start travelling?


A bi-monthly eclectic tome of tangible surfing goodness that celebrates all things surfing, delivered to your door!


Three Aussie natural footers in a solid position to claim a slot on the 2022 CT.

Why Australian ex-pat, Paul O'Kane went on a holiday to Ireland and never came home.

A little bit of local knowledge goes a long way on King Island

Despite a setback, Troy Bottegal is determined to see his rubber-dome, artificial reef making waves.

This new book makes surf photography feel like fine art while telling the story of the Australian love affair with waves and the ocean.

When one person’s pursuit of a surfing fantasy collides with a real-life forgotten tribe.

Shameless Last Ditch Effort at Fund Raising for a Good Cause

From Australia’s wildest waters comes an idea that could save lives around the world.

When a recent swell hit Bali's Padang Padang access points were still blocked. A few of the locals did whatever was required to get out there.

A comprehensive breakdown of the hop techniques that were crucial at Huntington.

Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.

A humorous take on the different ways people identify as surfers.

Will the foundered barge be a boon for surfers or an environmental disaster?

Compelling characters and a unique concept underpin a classic Australian tale with shades of dark and light.

When you can pass up Macaronis to surf lonely Lance’s Rights

Big seeds claim the world titles, but almost get upstaged by the sharks.

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